Ahmed Mostafa: When you walk the talk!

Ahmed carrying the Egyptian flag for the first time in NCDA history when he won his award is 2011

An engineer, government employee, married with two children, stable financial situation. That might be the dream of many, but for Ahmed that was just not enough!

When Ahmed discovered that working in IT and engineering in a governmental institute doesn’t match his values and interests he shifted to work with a non governmental organization and that when everything begins. Though the paying wasn’t rewarding like his previous job but Ahmed truly found what he was rewarding enough to put out with all of this. And a golden opportunity came along. Ahmed discovered a new thing that explained everything was happening along his life, because the project he was managing its operations was for running a career development center at Ain Shams university and funded by USAID. Ahmed wondered, why this concept is not wide spread and applied all over Egypt, it could help many in their lives. So he took the initiative to travel abroad and bring back the knowledge of career development into Egypt.

Quickly Ahmed became a leader in career development and well recognized worldwide . In February 2011 Ahmed became the first CDF* master trainer from outside the USA and in July the same year he won the international award presented by the national career development association. In 2012 he became the first international graduate from the NCDA leadership academy.
Ahmed trained about 150 counselor all over Egypt and working on several projects to spread the concept of career development and make use of it in several areas of development.