Al Namaa Train Initiative

Going on a trip is sure fun for most of us but when you realize that you are doing some activities on the road some faces will turn to be grumpy but not for so long. That was exactly the reaction of a lot on the trip to Luxor and Aswan when they heard about “ElNamaa train initiative for youth” provided by Ahmed Mostafa foundation for career development (AMF).The initiative aimed at raising the awareness of the career development concept that is enveloped in entertainment activities and part of the project of “Know your country” launched by ministry of youth and AMF.
The journey started when the train took off from Cairo and once everyone is settled up the team way divided over the train carriages to cover the 450 participants the Mr. Ahmed Mostafa* toured all the carriages and started to explain the strategy and the identity of the initiative and how everyone can benefit from it. Followed by that he explained the concept of career development and the first step of the career planning which is self-exploration and how it is important to anyone. With the aid of his team Mr. Ahmed helped the passengers to fill their interest profile assessment in order to help them to find out some of their personality traits. And as usual in every trip few didn’t catch up with the train trip but they didn’t miss a thing because Mr. Ahmed and the team met with them and covered what they missed before the second gathering at the hostile.
At the hostile on the 27th of Jan. Mr. Ahmed explained in detail at a seminar the concept of career development and how far each know about themselves and how it affects our engagement with the society and the ways we can use this model in community development.
During the bus trip from Luxor to Aswan (3 hours trip) the team was distributed on the 9 buses to explain Holland theory and the interest profiler. There was discussions about how to with youth on how to take advantage of career development in good planning for life and setting goals commensurate with the Career Interest that have been assessed through the first activity on the train.
Back at the hostile there were group of evenings in which discussions were held and lectures were given on the importance of setting goals and how to manage the career decision making process additionally some success stories of people that were capable of achieving their dreams despite the hardships they faced.
On the way back to Cairo everyone was asking what’s next and how to communicate with the team. They were given after that the full details of the initiative and the contacts of the team to engage in the future activities.
The impact was clearly shown on the feedback of the participants as they were surprised of how they follow up with the activities during all the distractions of the road and that was due to the attractiveness of the subject and the way the team presented it. The participants were very interesting in integrating the career development process with the recreational activities as they noticed how it cleared a lot of areas to them personally and answered a lot of vague questions they were wondering about them during their lives. It is worth noting that the impact of the initiative reached not only the450participants but some have been impacted indirectly like some of the drivers of the buses and the admins who were responsible of organizing the trips.
One of the participants made the following statement about the initiative:
“This is an amazing idea. I was just letting life pushing me around not deciding anything myself and thought that is working. Whenever I fail I blame it on the environment and other situations that I can’t help and believe that it’s what it meant to be. But then a golden opportunity came along with this trip. Honestly I didn’t want to come to this trip since the beginning but I found things so easy and I decided to come after all. When your group introduced themselves to us in the beginning I told myself “how boring, they are going to ruin the trip” but after the first few words by Mr. Ahmed Mostafa I found myself wanting to know more and engage in all the activities you are holding. The words were so close to youth and after moments of hesitation I was incapable to resist attending all the seminars and evenings. I was really interested to know the results of my assessment to know if I am on the right track or not. I wanted someone to guide me to how to achieve my goals. I was really upset in the last workshop you held because you really planted a good seed into my heart. I hope we can interact more and we can transfer this knowledge to more youth that deeply need it. With this trip I gained more than a goodtime with my friends and having fun. I gained the knowledge and philosophy that I will carry on for the rest of my life.”
The trip ended with arrival at Cairo but the ideas didn’t and the enthusiasm of the youth participated didn’t fade away. Here AMF took them into a new project of establishing career counseling centers all over Egypt. This initiative is a part of a project to establish counseling centers all over Egypt. All the participants received a serial number to continue other career development activities in the nearest career center. Initially there will be 10 counseling centers in 10 different governorates. The centers will adapt several initiatives to spread the concept of career development and then direct the participants to the nearest center to carry on with the rest of activities. A profiling system will be established to help the different beneficiaries. Our ambitious plan is to build a professional network to link the youth with the companies and to apply a perfect career development process.
To carry on with the mission of the AMF and with the project of the counseling centers all over Egypt there are several activities in the upcoming couple of months. One of the initiatives will be in BeniSweif (Upper Egypt) to raise the awareness of career development concept and to communicate with youth in the Upper Egypt. It is worthily noted that this is the first of few initiatives to direct the attention to Upper Egypt and start a developmental process in this remote area. Another activity will be held at Al Mansoura that interest profiler assessment will be applied and values assessment and to plant a seed for a career center in the governorate. Also a website is under construction to follow up with the participants of all the activities and initiatives and to keep them updated with all the related activities and allow them to participate actively with the process of spreading the concept of career development all over Egypt.
Written on 25th of February by Rana Reda
Edited by Ahmed Mostafa Kamal
*Mr. Ahmed Mostafa Kamal is an international NCDA master trainer.