Children's Cancer Hospital 57357 Service Center

A counseling center will be established inside the hospital to work on engaging the patients into the society and enhance their views towards life and its purpose.

A sick child and broken family, that what you’ll see all around if you walked into the rooms of the children cancer hospital. The staff is providing the children with whatever they can. They have inside an educational centers, computer labs, play rooms but that doesn’t seem enough. When the staff at the hospital heard about career development and met with Mr. Ahmed Mostafa he opened them a new door of hope. Career Development concepts and tools might change the life of any ordinary man but what about someone who’s clinging into life and in desperate need of motivation.

Al Namaa Train Initiative

Going on a trip is sure fun for most of us but when you realize that you are doing some activities on the road some faces will turn to be grumpy but not for so long. That was exactly the reaction of a lot on the trip to Luxor and Aswan when they heard about “ElNamaa train initiative for youth” provided by Ahmed Mostafa foundation for career development (AMF).The initiative aimed at raising the awareness of the career development concept that is enveloped in entertainment activities and part of the project of “Know your country” launched by ministry of youth and AMF.

Ahmed Mostafa Foundation for Career Development

AMF is an Egyptian developmental non-governmental Foundation with the mission of providing Egyptian people with the means to analyze and better understand their latent abilities and skills and unleash their potential. It is considered the first foundation to specialize in the field of career development in Egypt and the Arab world. The association was founded to adapt this field and strengthen it in the Arab region.